Special Events

Karate Birthday Parties
A Karate Birthday is a great chance for your child to share their love of martial arts with their friends, enjoy some great treats and have a most memorable birthday. For more information, please click here

Part of the UMAC experience is learning to face new challenges and achieve your personal best. One of the ways in which our students choose to continuously seek self improvement is by participating in tournaments. Tournaments offer students the opportunity to better understand the application of their skills, to meet new people with similar interests and to expand their comfort zone. Demonstrating their skills in front of a crowd helps the student to grow more accustomed to operating under pressure and the motivation to do well helps to focus their training. Students are expected to do their best, show proper attitude whether they win or lose, and to learn from the experience and improve. Participating in tournaments is a personal choice and is optional. For more information about tournaments, please click here

Women's Self Defense
It is an unfortunate fact that In the modern world personal safety cannot be taken for granted. Crime and violence are every day happenings. As much as we would like to believe that we are in a safe and secure environment, it is not always true. The good news is that it is possible to defend yourself and your loved ones against many possible dangers. The answer : Be aware & be prepared. For more information about our women's self defense courses, please click here

Advanced Tactical Training and Elite Combat (A.T.T.E.C.) is dedicated to providing tactical training and combat based hand-to-hand combat for law enforcement, military personnel, and any individual or group seeking such knowledge. For more information about our tactical training program, please click here.

Special Seminars and Events
UMAC Special Events include seminars in Sword, Weapons, Kid Safety, Summer Camps, Sleepovers and more. We also invite Guest Instructors to join us from time to time to expand our Martial Arts training and to add a little extra excitement and variety. Special Seminars and Events will be announced throughout the year.

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