Shihan Says...

Greetings All,

 I Sincerely hope everyone is doing great and finding a new way each and every day to better themselves.  "Take charge of your life" People say it all the time and it is to represent various things, however it really is simple.   You are the most important person in your world, you come first.  If you are happy and healthy, you have the ability to enrich others and excel.  Here at UMAC we reiterate all the time - Take care of yourself!  Eat healthy, nutritious foods, get plenty of rest, excerice daily, and find "you time."  To hit all of this home, I suggest you surround youself with like minded people, therefore, your positive energy is supported and reciprocated.

I have always said and will always say..NOTHING IS BETTER FOR YOU THAN PROPER MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING.  Here at UMAC we teach age specific classes with age approprate material to coincide with all the trial and tribulations of our modern world.  We discuss current events and situations facing our clientele.  We always encourage and support each and every member, helping them reach a new level of personal excellence.  My first saying when I opened the school was WE Teach "more than" Karate!  This holds true and More!   Seeing is believeing ....But training here is KNOWING!!

Hope to see you in class!!

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