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Clubs & Teams
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UMAC Demo Team
Creative Martial Arts Entertainment, at its BEST!

YES! The United Martial Arts Center does have a specialized group that is responsible for spreading the martial arts, and the positive attributes connected with our spectacular center. The UMAC DEMO Team has been entertaining audiences ever since its first year, many years ago. With every appearance and every show, the spectators have been left
with many, smiles & laughs. It is often that the DEMO Team has been requested for return visits and follow up shows. Within the last year or so the select group of UMAC members has pulled together as martial artists, entertainers, and even actors. Sensei Andrew feels that they are a very proud and spirited crew.
The UMAC DEMO Team performs at special functions, such as: Open Houses, Grand Openings, Festivals, Charity Fundraisers, and Special Events as intermission entertainment, etc.
For the DEMO Team Members, this is a great opportunity to represent our great martial arts school, as well as see new places, meet new people, and of course to show off their skills in a fun and productive way. "The greatest gift you can give to someone is a smile."

To be on the DEMO Team you must have or meet the following requirements:
1. Must attend demo practices and scheduled shows (it's a responsibility)
2. Must love the martial arts, love to show off, enjoy having fun, work well with others, practice at home, pay attention, uphold the ways of Black Belt Excellence & of course uphold the UMAC reputation.

Shihan Andrew feels whole-heartedly that all the members at the UMAC are extremely talented, and that the Demonstration Team is the perfect way for them to show and share their unique skills for a greater audience.
Shihan Andrew helps each and every student reach new levels of their own personal development, as well as uniting their individual skills to work as group. The team is always challenged by Shihan to be inspiring and creative,for "positive thinking and positive spirits produce positive results." It must also be known that this team does require a lot of hard work, dedication and devotion.
UMAC S.T.O.R.M. Team
A Super Style Leadership Team that Outshines All Others!!!

Our Special Team Of Role Models (STORM), are responsible for assisting the instructor as they work side by side with the other students, offering guidance, support, and words of encouragement. These special role models help in class operations under the instructor's command, which makes the classes flow and more fun. True to the UMAC dojo, the selected members of this team are eager to volunteer their services when it comes time for simple dojo tasks. Sensei is very grateful for all of his hardworking dedicated students, however, the STORM
team goes far beyond the call of duty - so Sensei offers you his most heartfelt thanks, and some extras too.

S.T.O.R.M. Team
Member's Benefits: Colorful STORM Team Patch
Extra Semi-Private Sessions Free
Storm Team Motivational Meetings
Group Breakfast With Sensei
Private Seminars
Special Trips
And more to come...

The opportunity to help others only solidifies ones own personal techniques, so as the balance of nature would have it, the old saying holds true - To GIVE is to RECEIVE! The UMAC - Building the leaders of a greater tomorrow, while focusing on peace, unity, and harmony.
UMAC Black Belt Club

BLACK BELT CLUB members are dedicated to the principles of UMAC and consistently demonstrate excellence in the martial arts and in their personal behaviour and conduct.